It is an unfortunate fact that within our modern society, there is a vast disconnect between the food on our plates and the pain and suffering our planet and its animals have to go through to put it there. Without a doubt, it is the planet's animals who pay the price for our non-plant-based diets with 150 BILLION animals killed every year for food.

Too few of us are aware of the ripple effects brought about by our daily choices, ranging all the way from the diet we eat to the products we use. When people talk about “Compassionate Living”, what they are referring to is the conscious connections we should be making between the way we live and the way others suffer. These “others” include other people, other species, our planet and even our-selves. To live a life with compassion requires a deep, personal commitment to lead by example by living a life that is peaceful and sustainable and which displays compassion towards suffering and devastation. 

Eating a plant-based, cruelty-free diet is the ultimate expression of compassion for animals, for our-selves, and for the planet. By adopting this lifestyle we are casting a vote every single mealtime; a vote for compassion, for the longevity of our earth, for the rights of the animals and for our own health and vigor. It is an opportunity for us to feel amazing inside and out while living harmoniously with Nature and the environment. 

From an ethical perspective, a plant-based diet is unequivocally a better choice for the animals of our planet. The factory plants and slaughterhouses of this planet are infamously guilty of inhumane conditions and routine cruelty to animals. Living, breathing animals are reduced to a commodity; no more than a Chicken McNugget or a leather handbag. There is a good reason that we will take our children to visit an orchard or go strawberry picking but would never consider taking them to a slaughterhouse to see how the animals they eat are prepared.  Livestock are routinely mutilated, forcibly impregnated, pumped with drugs, force-fed, abused, forced to live in their own filth with no light or space, torn from their mothers and killed, roughly, often while still fully conscious. Farmers try and calm our sensibilities by using gentle phrases such as ‘Free Range’, ‘Grass Fed’ and ‘Compassionate Farming’, but don’t buy the lie. These animals are equally mutilated without painkillers, kept in filthy conditions and suffer emotionally and physically throughout their short lives. 

Plant-based is not just a diet. It’s a world-changing, life-changing movement. There are so many beautiful reasons to make compassionate living and a plant-based diet your whole lifestyle. When taking everything into consideration, the question shouldn’t be “why go plant-based?’, rather “why not go plant-based’