Our Earth provides enough for everyone's need, not everyone's greed.We have the power to preserve our planet and return it to its perfect order.The solution is staring us in the face three times a day.Knowledge is power. So power up.


A win for the planet is a win for the people. Going Plant-based means Western diseases such as cancer and heart disease will become a rarity instead of a common occurrence and the human race will return to the abundant health and rigor that is their birthright. Few people realize that by making just one connected choice to adopt a plant-based diet we can also help to feed and water ourselves and every hungry person on Earth. 

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There is no Planet B. Animal agriculture is a heavy burden on our planet and currently the number one cause of greenhouse gasses, deforestation and pollution to our oceans. Don't allow your dollar to support an unsustainable system that is devastating our home. Forget taking shorter showers, the most effective method of reducing our carbon footprint is by making the change and switching to a plant-based diet. 

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The animals of this planet exist for their own reasons, not as a commodity for human consumption. 108 billion land and sea animals are exploited and killed every year for the food industry and conditions inside slaughterhouses are infamously guilty of inhumane conditions and animal abuse. Consider every meal time your opportunity to vote against this cruelty by eating a plant-based diet.

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Our Mission

Our mission really boils down to making the world a better place and helping people make better-informed and more conscious lifestyle choices. We are dedicated to empowering people and businesses by helping them understand the advantages of adopting a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle for the benefit of the animals, the planet, the environment and one's personal health and well-being.  
We focus on positive initiatives and constructive work to educate and inform people of the animal’s suffering, the environmental devastation and risks associated with an animal-based diet. We strive to create lasting change by inspiring others and by leading by example, always in an honest and positive way. 
Together, let’s have fun learning how to make and build a healthier, more compassionate and just world for all.  

Our Values

We stand for love and respect for animals, the environment, healthy living and nutrition. We believe however, that personal, social and cultural change happens gradually and progressively. Through education, information, motivation and inspiration, people become their own agent of change.  
We believe that going plant-powered is all about taking small, smart steps to build a lifestyle that you can feel so great about and love so much that the momentum carries on for years to come and will have you never looking back. 

Our Actions By Working Together

Eating meat and dairy products is a luxury that most people are unwilling to give up, but we are convinced that if more people knew the painful truth of the animals’ suffering, the devastating environmental impact livestock production is having on our planet, and the health risks they are exposing themselves to, many more people would consider the transition to more conscious, compassionate, healthy and fit lifestyle choices. 
Working together, we hope to fill a real community void in our region. We will share and spread knowledge and information, organize educational and inspirational events, and undertake various plant-powered initiatives. Of course we will have fun at our meetups discovering a healthy lifestyle, sports and fitness, plant-based friendly restaurants, supermarkets and shops in our lovely region!  

We will strive to promote the plant-powered lifestyle – the healthy and fit way of living. 

Together, let’s build this community and make a difference!