A UN report conclusively stated that animal agriculture is a larger contributor to greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation put together.

The total amount of animals slaughtered in the U.S alone per minute is 40,000. All of those 40,000 gotta fart and poop right? That’s a hell of a lot of methane and nitrous oxide being produced every minute. These harmful emissions are directly related to climate change, with methane alone being 25 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. The math is straightforward, reduce the amount of farmed livestock and we will reduce global warming.

‘The real war against climate change is being fought on our plates’- Nil Zacharias, Co-founder of One Green Planet.



Billions of animals are bred for our consumption every year. That many animals take up a lot of space. Therefore large stretches of land, whether it is land to graze or land used to raise crops to feed the livestock, are required by farmers. And finding large stretches of empty land requires cutting down trees. Cattle ranching is the main cause of deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest with an area the size of Portugal already carved out for cattle farms. The death of our forests means the death of us and every other species on this planet. The atmosphere and climate of the earth relies directly on the amount of carbon held in our trees, meaning if the trees vanish there is nothing holding back all of the carbon and our planet will become uninhabitable. If we continue at the current rate that we are destroying our rainforests to make space for livestock it is estimated there will be none remaining by 2060.

You may say it is you’re ‘right’ to eat meat. But I believe that when you’re right has consequences that have such devastating impact on our planet, it becomes a wrong.


Animal agribusiness directly contributes to habitat loss and species extinction. Clearing forests and converting land to grow feed crops and grazing pastures for animals for slaughter is responsible for monumental habitat destruction. As well as this, the harsh chemical pesticides and fertilizers used on feedcrops by farmers are poisoning our waterways and rendering them inhabitable for animals. Within the last ten years, 30 million wild animals have been culled by the USDA-owned 'Wildlife Services' because of their supposed threat to animal agriculture. On behalf of agribusiness the Wildlife Services use millions of taxpayers dollars a year to target and destroy native predators such as bears, coyotes, mountain lions and wolves.